Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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A2LA Symbol 2012

Environmental Testing Services

Xytek Industries has been performing environmental testing on automotive, truck, aircraft, military, electronic components, and sub-assemblies for over thirty years. Xytek Industries, being an approved outside contract testing labortory with the big three automotive and their suppliers, along with many other industries, are prepared to handle all of your testing requirements.

Environmental Testing Services

Testing Services

  • Electrodynamic Vibration
  • Tri-Axial Prestress Screening
  • Temperature Cycling with Vibration
  • Thermal Shock
  • Package Testing
  • Drop Testing
  • High & Shock
  • Fixture Design & Construction
  • Pressure, Flow & Vacuum Tests
  • Circuit Board Testing
  • Electrical Cycling
  • Noise & Vibration including Squeak & Rattle

Vehicle Testing Capabilities

Testing Services

  • Custom Test Routines
  • Environment Testing
  • Accurate Data Reporting
  • Confidentiality

Engineering, Testing, and Equipment Services

  • Comprehensive Vibration Testing during Product Development
  • Simulation of Transportation, Handling, and Repetitive Motion of Single Part or Complete Systems, Instrument Panels, Auto & Truck Seats, Exhaust Systems & Engine Components
  • Design Systems for Testing of your Product
  • Combined Environmental, Vibration, Temperature, and Moisture

“Specializing in Environmental Testing Services”


Our Certifications

  1. 2012 - American Association for Laboratory Accreditation - Acoustics & Vibration Testing (A2LA Cert.No.0886.01)
  2. 2012 - Defense Logistics Agency - Commercial Laboratory Suitability Status (MIL-STD-202; VQE-12-02-024627)